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RioVerdeUdders Sales Policy


RioVerdeUdders Sales Policy

We reserve the right to modify pricing AND to retain ANY kid born here.  Those that choose to put 1/2 down on unborn kids will go to TOP of our reservation list. 

You can contact me to reserve a kid or a particular breeding/pairing for no fee.  Once the Kids are born 1/2 down is required as a NON-refundable deposit. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE! PLEASE NOTE, IF YOU DO NOT SEND A DEPOSIT AND I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM YOU, THE GOAT IS NOT SOLD TO YOU, and will BE AVAILABLE and  IF SOMEONE ELSE SENDS A DEPOSIT they get that kid/goat. 

All kids must be picked up in person or have shipping arrangements made within 14 DAYS of being born OR when deposit received. Any adult bought, must have shipping arranged or picked up within 2 weeks unless other arrangements are made.  Boarding fees are $5 per day for late pickup unless other arrangements are made and agreed upon.

 Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping fees, including Vet visit fees, health certificate fees, DNA fees and crates for transport and possible transport fee to meet shipper if over an hour drive for me.  ALL fees MUST be pain in full via zelle, Venmo or CASH if picking up at farm.  NO goat will leave without FULL payment.  This means if transport coming, and you have NOT paid in full, the goat will NOT get on transport trailer:  Make sure payment is done at LEAST 48 hours prior to transport pick up. We are happy to have your Vet inspect any goat or kid here prior to departure if you are local.

We only allow healthy goats to leave our farm. We cannot guarantee the health of a goat/kid once it leaves the farm (so if it becomes sick once it leaves, you will need to contact a licensed Veterinarian and if the kid/goat dies once it leaves here, we cannot reimburse you for any Vet fees or the price of the goat). Stress of moving or transport can make an animal sick

There are no guarantees to height , udders, milk production, show wins, or it's health once it leaves are farm.

RioVerdeUdders reserves the First right of refusal for any of my goats sold.

Goats will come with Registration Application or buyer can pay for Registration and have goat transferred in their name for the fee that ADGA charges (whatever the fee is at the time of sale). 

Goats are herd animals and you MUST have at least TWO GOATS. 

Goats need SECURE housing/pens, with adequate shelter from the elements (shade, goat house, clean bedding), fresh water, clean food.

We use 5 LiveStock guardian dogs to guard our goats from predators and 16 security cameras to see what is going on at all times.  

If you decide to Rehome, or sell any goat that leaves from our farm,   you are agreeing to give us first right of refusal to get the goat back.  

This must be signed after reading it and understanding the entire Sales Policy Prior to any goat/kid leaving our farm.

I ________________________________________Have read the above and agree to the RioVerdeUdders Sales Policy

(print and then sign your full name above as agreeing to sales policy)



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