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Our Bucks--All breeding bucks have DNA on file

Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette
DNA On File

Brook Run Acres Casanova
Sire's Sire: Cedar View Romeo *B
Sire's Dam: Brook Run Acres Mega Gold
Dam: SGCH Tiny Angels Maybeline VVVE @ 04-03
Dam's Sire:  Tiny Angels Levi Blues +B
Dam's Dam:  Wild Lupine Farm TA's Chicklet


The RZ Acres MidNight Cascade   DNA on file
Alpha S1 Casein: B/B
AV+79@ 01-03
Sire: The RZ Acres HomeCmgKing
Sire's Sire: GCh Violet's Acre Valeditorian *B VEV 87 @ 01-06
Sire's Dam: Tiny Angels A Blu Bonnet
VEEE90 @ 07-07

Dam: Ch Valley's-Edge Mr Flora 1*MAR Elite Doe 95% 2019  V+EE88
She milked 1263 pounds on 305 day test 2019
Dam's Sire: Valley's-Edge Mabel"s Riddle  A+V79 @ 01-03
Dam's Dam Tiny Angels M Muffin



Pic Courtesy of Elite SafeHaven Farm.  Cascade is a Heavily Moon spotted Cou Clair.


Solid Black (zero white) blue eyed Valley's-Edge Buckling.  Name pending


Blue eyed black heavily Moon Spotted Valley's-Edge buckling. Name pending

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