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Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette
Blue eyed, polled and moon spotted is in the breeding pen with the does below!


All These does in breeding Pen with Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette(put in on Memorial day).

RioVerdeUdders GB Holly

RioVerdeUdders GB Merry

RioVerdeUdders L DuckDuck

RioVerdeUdders GB Casino

RioVerdeUdders GB CardShark

Cactus Wren MB MoonChild

Cactus Wren V City Mouse

De Novo Lucky Clover- see sales page


Castle Rock SuperSaurus *M bred to Roulette for December kids

Valley's-Edge T EverMore X Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette due in December. 

Dill's ROR SkuttleButt X The Rz Acres Midnight Cascade: Due mid December

Planned breedings for 2023
Will update as breedings take place

Planning to breed Cascade to the following does:  Moon Spots possible on all of these pairings.

Valley's-Edge Super Fly

Valley's-Edge T Taralli

Valley's-Edge D'Olche

Valley's-Edge D Farruca

Valley's-Edge TF Fais -Do-

RioVerdeUdders JT

RioVerdeUdders B Daisy Mae

RioVerdeUdders JT Allosaurus


The follow does will be bred to Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette for Spring 2023 kids: Polled, blue eyes, moon spots possible with all of these pairings.

Roulette link

Tiny Angels Face To Face TF

RioVerdeUdders J

Valley's-Edge TF Kit Kat

Valley's-Edge FF Morgana

StarLight Meadows MC MoonShine