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Kidding Schedule: Updated  09-14-2023

All 2023 spring kids sold.  We have begun breeding for fall 2023.

As of 9-14-2023

Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette has bred:
Valley's-Edge Taralli (pen bred) 


Valley’s -Edge BRC Roulette is in breeding pen with:
Valley’s-Edge Taralli as of 9-14-23 she is confirmed bred and milk is coming in.

, Rioverdeudders K SuperStar, Rioverdeudders K SuperBird, Rioverdeudders L Beautiful in his pen: ALL kids will be blue eyed as Roulette is homozygous for blue eyes. Moon Spots and Polled Possible.   

The RZ Acres MidNight Cascade has the following does in his breeding pen and he is already checking each out frequently:

Rioverdeudders R PandaBell, Rioverdeudders R Macarena, Rioverdeudders L Katanip, Rioverdeudders L D’Bertie, Rioverdeudders L D’Bree, Amores Farm Desert Willow, Amores Farm North Star!

Due End of Jan 2024 bred by The Rz Acres Midnight Cascade
Castle Rock SuperSaurus 
Valley's-Edge D'Olche Delish 
RioVerdeUdders R Macarena
RioVerdeUdders R PandaBell
Castle Rock Rosa Sunsprite

Due End of Jan and bred by Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette:  All kids will be blue eyed and moon spots are possible
Valley's-Edge Hypnotic
RioVerdeUdders D'Bree
RioVerdeUdders GB Casino (elite doe 2022)
RioVerdeUdders GB CardShark
Tiny Angels TF Face to Face
The Mystic River


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