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Kidding Schedule: Updated 02-25-2024

All 2023 spring kids sold.  We have begun breeding for fall 2023.

Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette has bred:
Valley's-Edge Taralli (pen bred) : MoonSpotted Polled Doeling Retained


The RZ Acres MidNight Cascade has the following does in his breeding pen and he is already checking each out frequently:

Rioverdeudders R PandaBell (Panda was sold bred and had a single doeling that they retaied), Rioverdeudders R Macarena (twin doelings: one retained, one sold), Rioverdeudders L Katanip twin buck/doe (doe sold), Rioverdeudders L D’Bertie, Rioverdeudders L D’Bree (buckling sold), Amores Farm Desert Willow (quads: all sold), Amores Farm North Star!

Due End of Jan 2024 bred by The Rz Acres Midnight Cascade
Castle Rock SuperSaurus - kidded with b/d twins and both sold
Valley's-Edge D'Olche Delish-(quads all sold)

Castle Rock Rosa Sunsprite-due late Feb (single buckling sold)

Due End of Jan and bred by Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette:  All kids will be blue eyed and moon spots are possible
Valley's-Edge Hypnotic (twin doelings)
RioVerdeUdders GB CardShark: one polled buckling available.
Valley's-Edge D Farruca 


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