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Tiny Hill HR Gambler *B--Gambler is part of ADGA young Herd Sire development programs!!  Very excited about his upcoming kids!


Sire: SG Sugar Moon V High Roller *B

ELITE VVV87 @02-02

SS: SG Sugar Moon Viva Las Vegas +*B 

SD: SG NC Promiseland SIA Zena 3*M  VEEE89 @06-10

Dam: SG Tiny Hill Farm Pixie Stix 7*M

ELITE +V++83 @01-05

DS: Phoenix Farm Hard Candy

DD:  SG The TinyHillsFarm's SuperLois 6*M

+EVE87 @03-03

Gambler writeup.jpg
Gambler Dam.jpg

Gambler's Dam's udder. Pic courtesy of Tiny Hill Farm

Write up on Gambler's Sire by Tiny Hill Farm!!

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