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RioVerdeUdders GB Casino
DNA on File
Casino Elite 2023 as an FF!!!


Sire:  Tiny Hill HR Gambler *B DNA on file
Sire's sire: SG Sugar Moon V High Roller +*B  VVV87 @02-02
Sire's Dam: SG Tiny Hill Farm Pixy Stix 7*M +V++83 @01-05

Dam: RioVerdeUdders JT Legacy
VVEV 88 @ 01-04 DNA on file
Dam's Sire: Dill's ROD Jax Teller *B
DNA on fle
Dam's Dam: Suitor's BB Legend 1*M


Legacy 2F_edited.png

Dam: 2F udder, 1 week fresh 9 hour fill

Casino FF udder_edited.png

Casino 2F. 3 weeks fresh with single kid. 10 hour fill

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