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Updated 03-24-24
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2024 kids have all been started on bottles for super friendly kids!

2024 Beautiful Doeling.jpg

January 2024 blue eyed doeling with MoonSpots. RioVerdeUdders L Beautiful x Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette. $600-SOLD!

Rosa 2024.jpg

Chocolate cou clair  buckling. $600.  Castle Rock Rosa Sunsprite x The Rz Acres MidNight Cascade!

star blue eyed 2024.jpg

blue eyed buckling to be wethered: $150

superfly 2024 chamoise buckling.jpg

buckling. Blue eyed, chamoise with heavy white overlay. Valley'-Edge Super Fly X Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette.  Dam has he AR milk star. Sire and Dam have DNA on file. $500

Star 2024.jpg

Blue eyed solid dark gold buckling.  Amores Farm North Star x Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette.  DNA on Sire.  Not the best pic: he has a level topline and can go intact or as a wether.

Farruca 2024.jpg

Blue Eyed Chamoise with heavy white overlay Buckling: Valley's-Edge D Farruca x Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette.  Dam has her AR milk star and is an excellent milker! $500

KatNip 2024.jpg

Want Milk AND Flash!  This is your buckling!  Dam is FF is milking 3 pounds with well attached udder and nice sized teats!  RioVerdeUdders L KatNip X The RZ Acres MidNight Cascade. DNA on sire and dam. $550

Hypnotiq 2024 doeling horned.jpg

Doeling: blue eyes, disbudded.  Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette X Valley's-Edge Hypnotiq.  Born 2-3-24.  On 2 bottles a day!  Super friendly and playful!  Dam earned milk star as an FF.  DNA on file for sire and dam.SOLD with her sister!

to keep our numbers manageable: we are offering Valley's-Edge FF Fais Do-Do as an open doe: $1200

Merry 2024 polled buckling.jpg

Blue eyed polled buckling: pictured at 4 days old! Started on a bottle. RioVerdeUdders GB Merry x Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette.  This little guy should add milk in the pail to his daughters and flash! $600

north star ff.jpg

Amores Farm North Star FF. 10 hour fill. 2 weeks fresh. $550

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