UPDATED 05-13-22

In order to keep my herd small: Several will be or are for sale due to keeping their kids and grandkids.  NO Bred does will be for sale.  Once Bred, they will kid here and be available AFTER they kid in milk or I can dry off.
48 kids born 2022.  A few doelings still available but not pictured. 
One wether still available.


RioVerdeUdders L NeverMore.
Doeling:  DNA on file.
Dam: Valley's-Edge EverMore
Sire: De Novo Luxor.
Blue eyes. Born 2-11-22
$600.  She has LONG Teats for easy hand milking in the future.
This doeling is very dairy and showable. SOLD
Pic at 2 weeks old.

EverMore 2F

Dam's 2F udder with only 9 hour fill!  Gave 4 pounds on her first DHIA test!


 Blue eyed, chocolate sweet wether.  $150  SOLD


blue eyed wether. $150. super Friendly