UPDATED 09-22-22

Please review Sales Policy page prior to deciding which goat you want.  1/2 down  is required to hold any goat: IF I get a deposit while you are deciding or thinking about it etc:  the goat will no longer be available.  I understand there are scammers in the world, but I am happy to facetime to see that the goat is real.  Kids must suckle on a bottle before they leave if less than 10 weeks of age.
In order to keep my herd small: Several will be or are for sale due to keeping their kids and grandkids.  Several in breeding pen with Roulette and can go now or after they kid but I will not ship last 2 months of gestation.

49 kids born 2022.  A few doelings still available but not pictured. 
2 bucklings available but can be wethered and go as a pair.


We are offering this fancy moon spotted buckling.  His dam has an awesome well attached udder.  RioVerdeUdders L SpotFul.  He's already registered.  $450.   Can go as a wether for $150 or without registration paperwork for $200 intact

Lucky Clover.jpg

De Novo Lucky Clover. Blue eyed.  She has the wides rump!  born 5-27-20.  Exposed to Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette.  she can go bred or after she kids.  She's leash and milk stand trained.  Gets along well with others and quiet easy going doe.  $500



RioVerdeUdders Jingle Mia 1*M AR.  born 03-20-18.  Super Sweet, blue eyed, moon spotted and makes the pretties kids!  Perfect milk stand manners! $700


RioVerdeUdders GB Joyful
kidded March 2022 with 2 heavily moon spotted kids. 
$700. Born 12-24-20


RioVerdeUdders GB Holly.  Born 12-24-20. Exposed to Valley's-Edge BRC Roulette. Can go as exposed or after she kids.  $700.
Blue eyed and moon spotted.


This doe can go AFTER she kids.  She has wattles and a jammed packed milky pedigree with lots of elite does behind her. $800--sale pending


RioVerdeUdders GB CardShark. $800.  Can go AFTER she kids.  Beautiful udders behind this young doe. She has a beautiful FLAT rump!


RioVerdeUdders GB Casino.  She and CardShark are buddies!  $800. Can go AFTER she kids.


RioVerdeUdders GB Mystic Storm was a keeper Doeling but I have to keep my numbers down!  She was bottle raised and super friendly!  Her dam is one of my best milkers with the best attached udder and teat placement.  Either she or her dam can go.  $600