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Valley's-Edge Super Fly DNA on file

Super Fly.jpg

Sire: Tiny Angels RNB SuperTramp DNA on File
Sire's sire: Tiny Angels OH Rhythm'N Blues
Sire's Dam: Mainesecondwind LB Levita 1*M  VEEE @ 04-40

Dam Tiny Angels A Fiesta EEEE92 @ 05-07  DNA on file
Dam's Sire: Humble Acres A Atreus
Dam's Dam: CH Weedy Tavern Farm Lilly EEEE93 @ 09-04

Valley's-Edge Super Fly pic courtesy of VE

Super Fly.jpg

Pic taken Aug 2021

superfly 3 months fresh

Super Fly 3 months fresh 12 hour fill


Dam:CH Tiny Angels A Fiesta.  EEEE92!   Pic courtesy of VE

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