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Cascade as a 2 year old.  Pic Courtesy of Elite SafeHaven Hills Farm.  His dam is elite and a Champion!


Cascade as a kid: Pic courtesy of The RZ Acres

The RZ Acres MidNight Cascade   DNA on file
Alpha S1 Casein: B/B

+VV FS86
Sire: The RZ Acres HomeCmgKing
Sire's Sire: GCh Violet's Acre Valeditorian *B VEV 87 @ 01-06
Sire's Dam: Tiny Angels A Blu Bonnet
VEEE90 @ 07-07

Dam: Ch Valley's-Edge Mr Flora 1*MAR Elite Doe 95% 2019  V+EE88
She milked 1263 pounds on 305 day test 2019
Dam's Sire: Valley's-Edge Mabel"s Riddle  A+V79 @ 01-03
Dam's Dam Tiny Angels M Muffin


Cascade: Pic courtesy of Elite SafeHaven Hills Farm


Cascade And his relatives above: Pics are courtesy of The RZ acres farm, WoodBridge Farm, Valley's Edge, Violet's Acres farm

Cascade Dam.jpg

His Elite Dam: CH Valley's-Edge Mr Flor

VE Mr Flora.jpg

Pic Courtesy of RZ Acres:
Cascade's Dam CH Valley's-Edge Mr Flora V+EE88 @ 04-08
Show records: 2x Senior Grand Champion
3X Reserve Grand Champion
2X Best of Breed
And Elite 2019 doing 1263 pounds on a 305 day test, 109 pounds Fat, 70 Pounds Protein.  Beauty with milk!


Cascade's Sire: The RZ Acres HomeCmgKing. Pic Courtesy of RZ Acres.  He won all 3 rings as junior buck and is not over height.


Cascade's Daughter: StarLight MC Ryela:  She was Best in Show Jr at 3 months!  Pic Courtesy of Elite SafeHaven Hills Farm

Cascade daughter.jpg

Another Cascade Daughter Starlight MC Nora . Pic courtesy of Elite SafeHaven Hills Farm
We bought one of his daughters MoonShine (see her page!

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